What is Web Hosting

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “What is web hosting” and do I need it?

Web Hosting is essential to any business with an online presence, simply put without web hosting your website could not be seen on the internet.

Everyone understands the basic principles of setting up a small business. We create a business name, pay rent for a shop space, move in and commence business.
Web hosting is not much different.  Web Hosting simply means that you pay an annual fee to a Hosting Provider which allows you to lease a block of server space for your website to live.

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Another question, is “What is Cloud Web Hosting”?

icloud hosting

Cloud Web Hosting has become extremely popular over the last few years and with good cause.  Here are a few of the reasons for its popularity.

Reliability .. rather than being hosted on one physical server, your website is hosted on many physical servers. The benefit to you is that it greatly reduces chances of downtime in case of a server malfunction.

Faster .. because the resources for websites are spread across many different physical servers, when there are peak times for website usage, another server can provide the additional resources.

This idea of many different physical servers, carrying out a particular set of tasks, for all its websites, is known as “The Cloud”.

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