What is Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Most small businesses haven’t even thought of creating a mobile presence for their business.

With over 7 billion mobile users world wide, it makes sense to optimise your website for small devices such as tablets and smartphones.

A Responsive website responds in size and format to the device that it is being viewed on.  It shrinks if you are looking at it on a smart phone and expands when viewing on a large computer monitor.

Millions of people are now playing with devices that can be held in 2 ways, portrait and landscape and content and images on the website need to shift, to accommodate both orientations.

Responsive (mobile friendly) Web Design is achieved by adapting the content, design, navigation and method of interaction to deliver the same comfort and usability to the mobile user as to the desktop user.

Why build Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web designing is the future of the Web Design World.

In the long run designing your site to be responsive can save money by dispensing with the need to build different versions of your website for every popular device platform which you expect your audience might be using.

You have just one website that looks equally good on all types of devices.

Kimberley Web Design builds websites with premium themes which ensures that your website will be fully responsive to all devices.

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