What is a Content Management System?

Administration page of Content Management System

In simple terms a CMS or Content Management System has a front and a back.  The front is what everyone sees when they visit your site and the back or admin as its known, requires a log-in with a username and password.

Once logged in you have access to the administration of your site where you can make new pages, add slideshows and images, change/add/delete text and view statistical information.

Content Management Systems have the capability to add functionality to your website, such as hotel booking systems, calendars, google maps, appointment systems, there is virtually hundreds of add ons to suit your requirements.  Many Content Management Systems also have blog capabilites. Dont know what a blog is, click here to find out.

A CMS is more expensive to build due to its complexity in design, but if your business needs to make constant changes to the content, then in the long-run, a CMS would be well suited for you.  A 2-3 hour training session is all that is usually required to get you started running the back/administration of your site and for simple text changes, edit the text, click the update button and your done!

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