Email Hosting

Email hosting

Dedicated email accounts and why you should consider having one

Most shared Web Hosting plans include free email accounts as part of the package.

If emails are an important part of your business,

a dedicated email hosting plan maybe the best option for you.

5 good reasons to have a dedicated email


If the server your website is hosted on goes down, then so will your emails!

Although Web Hosting companies guarantee an almost 100% uptime for their hosting plans, should something go wrong, your emails will also be affected.

A dedicated email hosting plan separates the website hosting and the email hosting.


Website and Email Services have a shared IP

This means that the reputation of the IP address may be affected by other shared users.

For example, if an IP address is blacklisted for sending SPAM email, this will blacklist mail for all sites using that shared IP address. Your email deliverability and receivability can be affected, resulting in a drop in business productivity.

Having a separate email hosting package reduces the risk of having a lower reputation IP.

However, this does not totally eliminate the potential problems for a shared hosting server; consider having a dedicated IP for your website and email hosting to ensure business operations.


Transferring to another web host will not affect your email service

At some point in the future, you may want to change web hosting companies. Transferring the website, is not so difficult but migrating the emails, can be quite difficult and rely on the hosting engineers to process them.


Emails share the storage space provided with your web hosting

Emails sent and received and their attachments, take up space that your website could have used.

It makes sense to get them get separately so both can get their own disk space.

If your hosting account or emails suddenly run out of space, it may be cheaper to have separate web hosting and email hosting packages than upgrading to a higher storage space web hosting plan.


Keep your email account secure

Once your web hosting account is infected with virus or malware, your inbox might be affected, as well. If you want to keep your emails secure, it’s best to keep them separate from your hosting service.

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