Photographic Packages

We offer 3 packages designed to meet your photographic requirements. Bundling your photographic requirements with your website build will save you money. 

Who knows better what photographs are needed where and what look you need, than your web designer?

Websites are very visual and although great content is key to having a great site, awesome photos are what first attracts us.

Email us today to get a quote on your photography needs, you will be surprised at how affordable our photographic packages are. 

Dont waste your valuable time, trying to get professional looking photos, leave it to the experts.

All images are taken in high resolution and can be stored on either disc or USB stick, uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Product Photography Package

Show off your Products!

Jewellery Product Photographic Shoot

Quality images can have a dramatic effect on the perception of your business, the product and your sales.

Without the ability to touch, hold, smell or taste the products they are interested in, potential online store customers have only your images to go by.

Whether it is for your website, a brochure or an advertisement, Kimberley Web Design can help and whats more we can upload the photos straight to your online store for you. Easy!

Thorough consultation will be included to discuss your expectations and requirements.  Images can be photographed against any background and we have some great ideas to help your product stand out from the crowd!

Generally we include basic batch editing with all of our product photography packages but we are happy to accommodate your unique needs. We can offer:

  • Specialised image editing
  • Image resizing – for slideshows and reducing resolution for faster page load in websites;
  • Image organisation and naming

Staff Photography Packages

Show off your staff!

Staff Photography

We can come to your place of business and take professional photos of all your staff, individually or as a group.

Professional staff photos will instill a sense of confidence in your customers and create a positive connection to your business.

It’s nice to have a human face and research shows that profile photographs give your organisation that human connection.

Not only that but these photos, because they are taken at high resolution, can be used in all your marketing material, such as brochures, banners or individual business cards.

Location Photography Packages

Show off your place!

Kimberley Web Design can help you stand out from the crowd with location photography

We can come to your place of business and take professional photos of your premises, or surrounds or maybe a special event you would like to advertise.

Consultation either by email, phone or meeting is essential to producing images tailored to meet your needs and is included in all our packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-processing?

Pre-processing are all the events that take place before the photo is shot. This can include:
Meetings and emails to discuss your requirements;
Organising props to be used for styling.
Product setup for the best photo possible.

What is post processing?

Post processing is a service that is available to all our clients and includes:

Image resizing – images taken straight from the camera are always at a very high resolution making them suitable for print. Whereas images for the internet need to be reduced to a lower resolution and file size to aid in page speed load.

Cropping – sometimes an image may appear better if cropped in closer, and allows you to choose what part of the picture you want. if you copy a whole picture but only need a portion of it, cropping allows you to cut out everything else.

Do you offer discounts for large quantity of images?

Yes. Call Us to discuss our special prices!

How are the photos delivered?

Final images are delivered in whatever way suits the client.  We can save images on either a disk or USB or uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Do you take photos on location?

Yes. We understand that sometimes products look best shot in their environment or perhaps with the case of very valuable jewellery, it is not always possible to bring every piece to the shoot.

Will I be able to use the images for other forms of advertising besides the internet

Yes.  All images will be supplied in high resolution format, suitable for any printing format, such as brochures, signs or business cards.

Who owns the images?

Images taken are Royalty Free with no licensing or usage restrictions. This means that you do not have to pay an annual or per use fee to use the images and can use them as many times as you need whether it be for print or for the web.  Basically they are your images. However, you will not be allowed to sell the photos for profit or claim copyright on them.  Copyright remains with Kimberley Web Design.  We also reserve the right to add the product photo to our portfolio unless requested otherwise.

Are you able to optimise images for mobile devices?

Yes.  We can optimise final images to suit mobile devices.

How quickly can I get my photos after the photoshoot?

Photos can be made available within 2 days of the photoshoot.  This does not include any post processing, such as image enhancements, cropping or image sizing or naming.

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