Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Kimberley Web Design offers unique and affordable graphic design

for your brochures, business cards, logo, or stationery.

Great ideas, coupled with expertise and knowledge of the competitive industry produce great results!

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What is a Vector Graphic?

A Vector Graphic designed with Illustrator or similar program allows for infinite scalability.

The object/image/text can be used in a tiny format, for example, as a logo on a business card or enlarged for an outdoor sign or car advertisement and never lose its clarity.

Vector Graphics consist of points, lines, and curves based upon mathematical equations.

If the same image was designed in Photoshop, the image would start to become pixelated and lose its crispness and clarity once its size had been increased from 100%.

It is, for this reason, that logos should be designed in Illustrator. Vector Graphics will meet the needs of a business for all its printing requirements.

Can I use a photo for my Logo?

Photos should not be used as logos.

Many of our clients have a favourite photo to represent their business and would like it utilised as their Logo.

Photos, while looking great on our monitors or even printed, will completely lose their meaning when shrunk to fit on a business card and will pixelate if blown up to be used on a banner.

It is, for this reason, Kimberley Web Design encourages clients to use a Vector Graphic.

Can I use a Logo from the Internet?

While Kimberley Web Design encourages its clients to search the internet for logo ideas, we do not recommend copying someone’s hard work.

Having a unique logo for your business, is an affordable cost.

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