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Copywriting Services

Kimberley Web Design offers Copywriting Services to help you get noticed amongst the crowd by sharing your passion for your business.


Having great content is key to being noticed and great copywriting will get you there.

Effective website copy writing must be written for search engines as well as visitors.  This requires an understanding of how search engines work and an expertise in writing website copy that will drive targeted traffic to your website.

Writing Headlines That Get Results

We live in a world with a short attention span and gaining that attention is the job of a skilled copywriter.  It is said we have approximately 3 seconds to grab our users attention!

So writing COMPELLING HEADLINES and interesting copy is essential in getting people interested in what you’re doing.

Good copy is written in clear, concise, simple words that get your point across, making it part of a conversation. No one will ever complain that your writing is too easy to understand.

The algorithms for obtaining good SEO results are constantly changing but we know that writing content using the keywords and titles of your page, improve your SEO ranking.

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  • Banana Well Getaway

    Banana Well Getaway

    Banana Well Getaway website features an internal booking system, allowing them to receive bookings without paying for external services.
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