SEO Tips for WordPress

SEO Tips for WordPress

If your local business relies heavily on digital traffic, mastering the local SEO strategy is arguably the most important item on your agenda. And if, like millions of other businesses, you use WordPress as your CMS system, it’s vital that the search engine optimisation is built with this in mind.

Once you understand the process, WordPress SEO is easier to incorporate than strategies for other platforms. Focus on the following features, and the traffic levels will climb in no time.

Writing SEO Content

The Google algorithm is incredibly smart and is ultimately designed to present its users with the best content related to their search terms. Therefore, if your site doesn’t boast the quality insights needed to back up the design features, the site simply cannot rank highly.

Whether you write the content yourself or outsource to a professional team doesn’t matter. When those quality posts are supported by on-site SEO and image SEO (there are plenty of free plugins for both), you can’t go far wrong.

Link Building

Links that are directed from other websites to yours are still regarded as the most significant asset of all. When the content is strong and the business provides an excellent service, those links will naturally surface. However, there are also plenty of link building strategies that can be adopted for your WordPress SEO.

Plugins can be used to check for broken links, which will further enhance your search engine presence too.

Load Times

As far as Google is concerned, the end user’s need for speed is a hugely telling factor. This is subsequently one of the most important technical metrics for the ranking system. As such, compressing large image files and generally cleaning up the site by removing unneeded plugins can work wonders.

If the site takes more than three seconds to load, you can expect it to be penalised.

Mobile Optimisation

Over half of all Google searches are conducted on handheld devices, and the search engine now ranks sites based on mobile optimisation when users are on their smartphones. Whether launching an App or simply ensuring your WordPress site is mobile friendly is up to you. Either way, though, ignoring this audience is not an option.

Aside from having a huge impact on the way Google reacts to your site, it will influence the way over half of your audience views it. Do not underestimate its significance.

Google My Business

The Google My Business model is one that helps rank local businesses on their location, customer reviews, and relevance to a local search. While this is an external feature, it should be considered essential for your ongoing WordPress SEO.

Create a page for your business, add as much detail as possible, and ask happy customers to leave a review. The results will start to show in no time.


The URL entered into the address bar doesn’t have a major impact on overall SEO. However, adding the location can be a useful way to boost your presence on local searches. For example, having could have a positive impact.

Again, it’s not only the Google reaction that needs to be considered. If it boosts the user experience, the additional effort is easily worthwhile.

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