Rowena Morgan Tshirts

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

Graphic Design Overview

Recently, an Indigenous Artist, Rowena Morgan contacted me with regards to making her paintings into vectors. Her goal was to have her paintings screen printed onto T-Shirts.

As the art of screen printing is done one colour at a time, so is a vector of the painting, via layers that are created during the vector creation process.
When applying dark blue for instance, all other layer colours can be turned off, so that only the part of the painting that is dark blue is visible. This process is repeated for every colour contained within the painting.
Read about what is a vector.

Client Testimonial

Rowena Morgan – Broome Indigenous Artist

The vectors are great! Morrgul were very pleased with what you have done with the paintings.

Personally I’m loving the work you’ve done for me, my lil art business is looking forward to using your business again in the future and I would highly recommend you!
Thank you very much.

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