Heavensent Healing Logo

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2020)
Heavensent Healing Logo
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Logo Overview

We had lots of fun sitting down designing her look. She was very specific about colours, fonts and what she did and did not like. She had done her research.

Logos need to be adaptable to any print situation and vectors work best. .
Vectors are different from images/photos, as they are at heart, a drawing. This means that they are infinitely scaleable, without losing clarity and can be used as a very small image in a business card or scaled up to be suitable for advertising banners and signage.
Having a logo to market your business is important for identity and branding.
Take a look at our other logos, we have designed, for inspiration.

Client Testimonial

Sharon O'Brien - Business Owner

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mandy… to design my new branding, logo & business cards.

I absolutely love what we created together… it is beautiful, classy & everything I wanted.
Mandy is a true professional, very easy to get along with & a lovely person to boot .. I’m so glad I chose you to do my artwork Mandy, as I’m delighted with my new design .. Kindest regards to you Sharon.

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