Ginreab Thai Restaurant

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2021)

Website Overview

Martin Long, Business owner of Ginreab Thai, along with his very talented wife, one of the chefs at their Thai dine-in / takeaway restaurant, contacted us to provide:

  • A very strong social media driven complete marketing profile, with an emphasis on lots and lots of photos of delicious food
  • Logo Design
  • Shop Signage
  • Inhouse and Takeaway Menus
  • Facebook Setup and Advice
  • Website

The website features a slideshow of some of their mouth watering dishes with a prominent clickable telephone number, a book now button for table reservations and all their menus, for dinner, lunch and chefs specials.

They wanted some-one local to provide ongoing support and a CMS website that allowed them to update content themselves and a Responsive Website that looked great across all devices.

Ginreab Thai Restaurant Website
Visit their website
Ginreab Thai Logo

Ginreab Thai Logo Overview

The design brief :

  • A Traditional Thai Roof
  • A blend of the traditional Thai with a modern, clean look
  • A bowl of steaming hot noodle soup

Ginreab Thai Sweets Logo

Ginreab Thai Restaurant is expanding their business to incorporate some of Air’s delicious Thai Sweets.

Ginreab Thai Sweets Logo
Ginreab Thai InHouse Menu front cover
Ginreab Thai InHouse Menu inside cover
Ginreab Thai InHouse Menu menu inserts

Ginreab Thai In House Menus

The In-house menus took some considerable time to research. There are so many different types of menus to choose from but we wanted a recycled modern look and so decided on a recycled handmade brown paper which complimented their logo perfectly.

We thought that the insides of the menu cover, both front and back, presented an opportunity to say hello and welcome and goodbye and thankyou.
Our introductory text explained why the restaurant is called “Ginreab Thai” and we used some additional information about chilli “hotness”, along with a request to like them on facebook or write a review about their dining experience.
As Ginreab has an extensive menu, rather than have a very busy looking menu, we decided to use one photo per category, allowing more room for a larger font, for ease of readability. For this reason, we chose to use A3 landscape paper, folded in half, to produce four A4 portrait pages. We chose a carbon rod to hold the pages into the centre of the menu.
This type of menu also allows for the owner to simply re-print any updates without having the whole menu redone, saving time and money.

Ginreab Thai Trifold Brochure

Fitting nearly 50 menu items and their category headings, prices and menu options for most dishes onto an A4 piece of paper, proved to be very challenging.

The challenge was to provide symmetry between the panels and legibility of the text.

A great deal of planning and customising goes into the layout of a busy trifold brochure. Constant moving of menu items to make a pleasing layout is required.

Ginreab Thai Trifold Brochure outside panels
Ginreab Thai Trifold Brochure inside panels
Ginreab Thai Menu Board

Ginreab Thai Menu Board

The Menu Board is 3m x 1m, a huge file to manipulate. Each letter is 25mm and images 200mm high.

The layout once again was tricky, providing consistent spacing and sizing between each individual element and the panels was painstakingly detailed.

With varying number of items within each category and their individual image placement, requires careful planning and lots of moving pieces around until they fit.

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