Dinosaur Coast Website

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)
Dinosaur Coast Website

Website Overview

I was first approached by Louise Middleton, a Broome resident, dinosaur expert/discoverer and long term friend to build a website that would provide several key functions.

Scientific papers were being finalised in the form of a Memorium and these needed to be made available to both the public and other scientific interested parties.
There was a need to present to the wider community, in laymans terms, the amazing discovery of these tracks/footprints that stretch all along the coast from Broome to Cape Leveque.
The more I learned about the dinosaur footprints, the more enthralled I became. It became apparent to me how lucky we are to be born at this exact moment in time when we have both the scientific knowledge to recognise, document and map them but also the process of revealing these dinosaur footprints has been reversed and prints that were laid down 130 million years ago, have now been exposed.
There were no funds available, so the project was to be voluntarily completed.
A year of so later, a grant was applied for and funds became available for me to continue the work on the website.
This site now features an online membership form, the ability to make donations, events, great images, along with well written information.
The Dinosaur Coast website is a Content Management System, allowing them to update content on their website, themselves and is also built to be Responsive to all devices.

Client Testimonial

Michelle Teoh – Secretary Dinosaur Coast Management Group

The Dinosaur Coast Management Group (DCMG) were very grateful for the voluntary work contributed by Mandy McInerney of Kimberley Web Design when we built our website.

Later, when the site needed to be ‘refreshed’ and shaped into a more up-to-date communication platform, DCMG were happy for Kimberley Web Design to do the work required.
The updates were done in a timely and professional manner and we are very pleased with the ‘new look’.
Thank you Mandy!

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