(Last Updated On: December 29, 2020)
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Logo Overview

Kate is a long time friend and was ready to venture out into freelance work, as a life counsellor.

Kate is a special kind of person who oozes empathy and compassion combined with a no nonsense attitude. Her skills in tapping and life counselling have made her the success she is. [email protected], is a play on the business service she provides.
Kate chose the tree because it represents who she is .. strong, grounded, colourful, loving and always growing.
It also represented her passion for the environment, community, inclusiveness and diversity (colour).
Having a logo to market your business is important for identity and branding.
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Client Testimonial

Kate Kerlin - Business Owner

Setting up my business has been made so much easier with KWD’s expert assistance and advice.

This is a whole new area for me and I had no idea where to begin.
Mandy helped me to understand the necessary processes and supported me through each step patiently and professionally.
I’m very happy with the outcome and service and highly recommend Kimberley Web Design.

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