BRAMS Portfolio

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)


Over the years, Kimberley Web Design produced health and promotion brochures, invitations, agendas, fire plans, photoshoots, logo design and web design, for BRAMS (Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service).

We originally designed their website, but it has now been taken over by inhouse staff.
These images were designed for their homepage slideshow. The first image was designed and developed from a photo taken for the BRAMS Family Centre. They wanted something unique, “arty” and authentic to the Kimberley.
The bottom border is cropped from a photo we took of the bark of a Paper Bark Tree.
The second image is a photo of Roebuck Bay, Broome at sunset. The borders were cropped from paintings provided by artists at a local indigenous organisation, Nagula Jarndu.

BRAMS slideshow image of indigenous little boy with face paint
BRAMS slideshow banner of sunset on the mangroves in Roebuck Bay
BRAMS Website Banner vector art dot painting style

BRAMS Banner

BRAMS Banner was designed for use in their website, letterheads and other promotional material.

Black, red, and yellow the predominant colours in their logo was thought to be overused in Indigenous Websites, and Kimberley Web Design was asked to come up with something that reflected the country in which it operates.

BRAMS Family Centre Logo

BRAMS Family Centre Logo was created in close collaboration with staff.

They wanted to incorporate the existing BRAMS Logo into the new design for the Family Centre, along with maintaining the Indigenous colours and a sense of “family”.
The footprints represent dad, mum and child.
BRAMS Family Centre Logo
BRAMS Antenatal Brochure Inside Panels
BRAMS Antenatal Brochure Outside Panels

BRAMS Antenatal Brochure

The BRAMS Antenatal Brochure is a 6 panel brochure.

We worked closely with the staff from BRAMS to achieve the right look and content for this brochure.
BRAMS purchased a photography package from us and we used photos of Mum’s who had been involved with BRAMS Antenatal Clinic.
Soft pastel colours were chosen to reflect this special time for pregnant mums.
The brochure also features the new Family Centre Logo.

BRAMS Low Iron Brochure

The BRAMS Low Iron in Pregnant Mum’s Brochure is a 6 panel brochure.

The front panel features two pregnant mums.
The brochure is populated with stock photography and photos taken by us.
A quirky font, Never Regular was chosen.
The inside panel features information and photography of good, high iron food.
The challenge was to provide symmetry between the panels and legibility of the text and provide an easy to read and understand brochure for low literacy.

BRAMS Low Iron Trifold Brochure inside
BRAMS Low Iron Trifold Brochure outside
BRAMS Clinic Brochure Outside Panels
BRAMS Clinic Brochure Inside Panels

BRAMS Clinic Brochure

The BRAMS Clinic Brochure is a 6 panel brochure.

The front panel features a kimberley image and the clinic’s contact details and opening hours.
The inside panel features the services and an overview of their clinic.
Featuring images that we took of their various operations.

BRAMS Fire Escape Plan

The BRAMS Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plan was developed from their floor plan.

The Plans are vector based which means that they can be printed on an A4 sheet of paper or enlarged for a billboard without losing clarity and can be applied to locations across their buildings.

BRAMS Emergency Fire Plan
BRAMS Anaemia Fact Sheet 1
BRAMS Anaemia Fact Sheet 2
BRAMS Anaemia Fact Sheet 3

Anaemia Fact Sheets

The Anaemia Fact Sheet, we produced for BRAMS, “Stop Anaemia in Babies and Children” was designed to offer a visual representation for people with low literacy skills.

We took photographs of the fruit from the local pindan walnut tree, which is high in iron and local fauna and seafood, the huge barramundi and the goanna, both high in iron and native to this area.

Much research went into the production of this Fact Sheet to source foods that would provide the highest benefit to babies and children suffering from Anaemia. The border surrounding the fact sheet was kindly painted by a staff member of BRAMS.

BRAMS Family Centre Opening Invitation

The BRAMS Family Centre opening invitation were designed in Photoshop and feature their new logo along with photos that were utilised throughout the Centre.

BRAMS Family Centre Opening invitation

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