Pearls and Boheme

Pearls and Boheme

Click on the image above for a larger view.  Click off the image and you return to the page.  This feature is known as a lightbox and was used in this website’s galleries.  The use of lightboxes allows many small images to be stored on a page without losing the ability to show the image in more detail.

Services Provided

  •   HTML

    Pearls and Boheme’s website is a static site, in other words, it is built by a web designer or some-one with HTML knowledge and the applicable software to develop it.

    The site owner is unable to make changes without the help of their Web designer. Read here as to why HTML (static websites) are often a good choice.

  •   Photography

    Pearls and Boheme were able to save on their total costs by utilising our Photographic Packages and bundling their Product Photography with their website.
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Pearls and Boheme, a Broome based business, handcraft unique and beautiful bohemian glass beads. They combine them with Australian and Tahitian South Sea Pearls, to produce stunning pieces of jewellery.

The website features individual galleries for necklaces, bracelets and rings, using the lightbox technique above.

Kimberley Web Design spent several days, picking the quietest times, to photograph their stunningly beautiful collection.

Click here to visit their website.