Cube Maintenance Solutions Logo

Cube Maintenance Solutions Logo

Logo Overview

Business Owner, Andrew Brincat had the look for his new logo, sketched out on a piece of paper and contracted Kimberley Web Design to make it a reality.

Andrew’s logo was to be used not only in his website but for business cards and embroidered on to his work shirts.

Working with vector images or text is always best when designing your logo.  Vector images and text are infinitely scalable, so will not “pixelate” (go blurry) when made small for the purpose of printing a business card or made big for signage for advertising or car stickers.

When you think that your logo will be representing your business image in many different formats from not only your website but your brochures, business cards, car stickers and letterheads and emails, it is important to “get it right”!

The actual logo is designed with a transparent background so that it can be used over any other background, from photographic backgrounds to any plain colour background.

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