How to add an image inside text in Photoshop

Image inside text

How to add an image inside text in Photoshop

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)

This free photoshop tutorial shows a quick and easy technique, just 5 steps, in how to add an image inside text in Photoshop.

The image above is the effect we are aiming for.

Step One - Open your background image

Press D to get default black n white colours. Press X to swap their positions, ie white becomes the foreground colour and black becomes the background colour.

Step Two - Create new layer

Click alt backspace (win) or option delete(mac) to fill your background with the foreground colour (in this case, white). Turn off the eyeball next to this layer.

layers for photo inside text

Step Three - Create a new layer and type something

Using a font that is like Impact or Arial Black with straight edges and thick works best for this effect.

Go to the Edit menu > select Transform and make text as big as desired, by dragging on the handles. If you hold the shift key down whilst dragging on the handles, the text will re-size proportionately.
Obviously the bigger you make the text, the more of the underlying background image you will see.

Step Four - Duplicate your background layer (CMD/CNTRL J)

Move the duplicated background layer above the text layer.

Right click on duplicated copy layer and select create clipping mask.

Step Five - Turn on your white fill layer

Click on the eyeball and there you have it, your image is now inside your text.

You can play around with the solid colour layer (in this case white) by selecting that layer, changing the foreground colour and pressing alt backspace (win) or option delete (mac).