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Frequently Asked Questions-Graphic Design

Listed here are some Frequently Asked Questions with regards to Graphic Design which will hopefully clarify some of the jargon, that web designers and IT professionals use.

What is a vector and why is it used?

A vector object designed with Illustrator or similar program allows for infinite scalability.  In other words your object/image/text can be used in a tiny format such as an avatar or blown up for an outdoor sign, or car advertisement and never lose its clarity.

If the same image was designed in Photoshop (a popular image editing program for designers) for instance, the image would start to become pixelated and lose its crispness and clarity once its size had been increased from 100%.

It is for this reason that logo’s are designed in Illustrator, to meet the needs of a business for all its printing requirements.

High Resolution Images

Graphic Design is not only used for the web where low resolution images of 72 pixels or 144 pixels (retina display) but also for print based media such as Business Cards, Logos and Billboards or Signage. 

In print based media it is necessary to either have a vector that is infinitely scalable or to have all images in high resolution. High resolution images are at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Pixels are squares of color, per inch or ppi.

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