Googles Hummingbird

Googles Hummingbird

Google’s latest algorithm update .. Hummingbird.

Google’s Hummingbird allows us to search more conversationally.  As more and more users are using voice queries, such as SIRI on an iphone, queries are more how we speak, i.e. Whats the weather in Broome? rather than typing keywords “Broome Weather”.

Hummingbird is a huge step forward in understanding these types of searches. Hummingbird’s expanding search accuracy, whilst paying more attention to words like “what” or “when”, will deliver users with the exact information they seek, rather than simply direct them to popular websites on a broad topic. This is particularly helpful given the enormous amount of information available online these days!

Google will now better understand how words interact, connect and create sentences, to provide a much improved search experience.

Finally, Hummingbird will pay closer attention to geographical locations when searching, so that if you are looking for a restaurant or a business, Hummingbird will prioritise its results within your area.

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