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Design Proposal


A Design Proposal outlines the scope of work, the vision and the pricing of our services. The document sets out exactly what is required by the client (yourself) and therefore what is to be delivered by Kimberley Web Design. This allows both parties to be clear on what was negotiated.

The Design Proposal is produced after a ballpark figure and initial conversation takes place and the client (you) have requested this next step in the negotiations.

There is a cost involved in drawing up a Design Proposal and Quote to cover the time it takes to research, compose and calculate price.

Design Proposals incur a cost of between $100-$500 depending upon the complexity of the proposal. The Design Proposal cost is waived if you should go ahead with our services.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

By signing the form below you are entering a legal agreement to pay the agreed-upon cost of the Design Proposal, should you not go forward with the project.

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