6 Good Reasons to choose WordPress

6 Good Reasons to choose WordPress

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2021)
6 good reasons to choose WordPress

Kimberley Web Design’s preferred platform for developing Content Management Systems is WordPress.

We often get asked why we choose WordPress, so here are our top 6 good reasons to choose WordPress.


WordPress is the most widely used website building tool in the world today. It is used by many big corporations such as The Rolling Stones, Sony, the New York Times and Samsung.



WordPress is FREE! Even if it was not free, as a website designer, I would pay for this platform, its so versatile! No matter my clients business, jewellery, tourism, on-line stores, WordPress provides the base platform to suit all.



WordPress is supported by a huge global community, there are forums to answer any questions or search for answers, as well as thousands of online tutorials and videos. WordPress is constantly being developed and upgraded.


Google love

Google loves WordPress, and ranks their sites highly in its searches because it loves fresh content. Content Management Systems are by their nature always added to and updated, keeping users informed of new products or latest news.



Unlike many Content Management Systems, such as Adobe Business Catalyst, Microsoft 365, WordPress is completely portable (i.e. you can move from developer to developer and hosting company to hosting company), without losing your website.



At the time of writing this Post, WordPress has 50,000 + free plugins, 47,287,515 downloads, and runs 35% of the entire internet.

Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. Some commonly used plug-ins are used for booking systems, SEO, event and calendar notifications, google maps, spam protection, backups and so much more!

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